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A free search only finds exact matches with the USPTO, which may not be enough! Check out our comprehensive search packages below.

Federal and State
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Search for your name, slogan or logo with the USPTO and all 50 States and receive a full detailed report based on similar trademarks across multiple classes and sub-classes.

Federal, State &
Common Law
Only $299

You need to know if someone is already using your mark even if they have not registered. Our Federal, State & Common Law search scours numerous sources to help you find it.

Only $499

Includes everything from the Federal, State and Common Law Search, but also searches international databases including Canada, the U.K., the E.U. and WIPO.

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Our Process

Our proven 3-step process generates the most comprehensive trademark search reports for you.

Fill a Short

In this step, you just have to fill a brief questionnaire and provide some basic details about your mark.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our trademark search experts run a comprehensive trademark clearance search for you using our sophisticated AI search algorithm.

Final Report

Our exhaustive trademark search process generates error-free search reports for you, and we send them to you via email.

Why Choose Us?

Our advanced AI-backed search technology finds 99% of all potential conflicts. Our algorithm is statistically better than a human because it will not miss a specific search strategy and it can perform thousands of searches every hour.

Our Search Experts use our sophisticated algorithm to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your time and money on a name that’s already taken or just isn’t unique enough to be trademarked.

  • Advanced AI Search Algorithm
  • 240 Trademark Databases
  • Full Common Law Coverage

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