Trademark Monitoring Services

Stay ahead of competition and avoid trademark infringement with our automated trademark monitoring services.


Get active brand protection through our comprehensive, customized and automated trademark monitoring services.

  • Active monitoring of the USPTO database
  • Personalized monitoring strategy to watch for potentially conflicting trademarks
  • Monitoring for deceptively similar trademarks
  • 24/7 customer support


Trademark litigation lawsuits are complex and expensive and may hurt your brand reputation as well. Hence, it’s better to monitor your trademark rather than face a battle down the road. This is where we come in. Our trademark monitoring experts use automated tools for comprehensive and proactive monitoring of your trademark. Our sophisticated algorithm ensures that our diligent professionals have no chance of missing a similar mark, thus preventing you from costly lawsuits.

Monitoring trademark helps you:

  • Discover trademark infringements before opposition window ends.

  • Avoid losing rights due to delays or a lack of response.

  • Limit risk and gain peace of mind.

  • Track trademark activities of your competitors.

  • Deter others from filing similar trademarks.

  • Stay a step ahead of the competition.

Why Choose Us?

Law firms may not have the robust technology of sophisticated trademark monitoring software like we do. Our advanced algorithm searches every part of the internet for infringements and catches counterfeits before they can spiral out of control.

Our trademark monitoring services cover every base your brand needs to protect against infringements. Our software crawls the web 24/7 so infringements can be detected and removed as they emerge. This means you don’t have to worry about initiating the process or wading through confusing paperwork while the counterfeit continues to sell.

We also deliver reports and statistics about your brand and where most of your counterfeits are coming from so that you can properly allocate your time and resources where your brand needs the most protection.

  • Our Process

    We have a simple yet effective process to ensure active monitoring and protection of your trademark.

  • Select Service

    Select the scope of the monitoring and countries in which you wish to be protected.

  • Calibrate

    We will then calibrate the service to avoid overwhelming you with irrelevant notifications.

  • Monitor

    Finally, you will receive pre-screened monitoring updates related to your trademark via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

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