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MarkFortify is not a law firm and any advice provided by our consultants should not be used as legal advice. None of the information on this website constitutes or is intended to convey legal advice. Our professional team of trademark and copyright registration experts have helped many people get their trademark and copyright registered over the years. They may help you maximize your chances of getting the trademark/copyright registered, but they may not provide any legal advice to you. General information about the law is not the same as advice about the application of the law in a particular factual or legal situation. Individual facts and circumstances as well as legal principles including but not limited to the ones referenced on this website can affect the outcome of any given situation. MarkFortify cannot and does not guarantee that an application will be approved by the USPTO, that a mark will be protected from infringement under common US trademark law, or that any ensuing litigation or dispute will lead to a favorable outcome. The USPTO examining attorney will review the application and may issue refusals based on the Trademark Act of 1946, 15 U.S.C. §1051 et seq., or the Trademark Rules of Practice, 37 C.F.R. Part 2. If you want or have an interest in obtaining legal advice with respect to a specific situation or set of circumstances, you should consider consulting a lawyer.

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