Comprehensive Trademark Search

Launch your brand with minimum conflict and maximum security with our Comprehensive Trademark Search services.


Our Process

Our proven 3-step process generates the most comprehensive trademark search reports for you.

Fill a Short

In this step, you have to fill a brief questionnaire and provide some basic details about your mark.

Trademark Clearance Search

Our trademark search experts run a comprehensive trademark clearance search for you using our sophisticated AI search algorithm.

Final Report

Our exhaustive trademark search process generates error-free search reports for you, and we send them to you via email.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t just conduct a direct hit search because that’s not enough. We also search for alternative spellings, intentional misspellings, typos, and more using AI tools.

Our trademark search experts use different AI tools to ensure that you don’t end up wasting your time and money on a name, logo or slogan that’s already taken or just isn’t unique enough to be trademarked.

  • Advanced AI & Manual Search Expertise
  • Domestic & International Search
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search Report

Why is Trademark Search Important?

1 in 5 trademark applications get rejected by USPTO. Minimize your chances of application rejection by running a
trademark clearance search.

Save Time

Save your time by conducting a Trademark Search before spending days in preparing your trademark application.

Save Money

Identify if your mark is violating any existing trademarks before spending money on application preparation & filing.

Avoid Rejection

Avoid rejection by running a Trademark Clearance Search to ensure that you don’t infringe upon any existing marks.

Comprehensive Trademark Search at A Great Price

We have packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes, no matter the budget.

Federal & State Search


Key Features:

  • Federal trademark search to find similar names, logos or slogans
  • State search similar to federal search, but for all 50 states
  • Detailed online report sent via email
  • 24/7 Customer support

Federal, State & Common Law


All features included in FEDERAL & STATE search PLUS:

  • Corporate name search in all 50 states
  • Corporate directories search to find similar names
  • Common law trademark search

Global Search


All features included in FEDERAL, STATE & COMMON LAW PLUS:

  • Domain name search to see if anyone’s using your name online
  • Global trademark search in multinational jurisdictions including:
    • The European Community
    • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Customer Reviews & Client Testimonials

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We have over 25,000+ satisfied clients from 50+ industries.

“Our application filing process was fairly straightforward. I loved their transparency on timeline and cost for the filing. Their customer representatives are amazing and answered all my questions. MarkFortify provides a quick, efficient and affordable way to register your trademark. I highly recommend them.”


“I highly recommend MarkFortify for those seeking help trademarking a name or other legal matters. The process was very smooth and the consultant we worked with was very thorough and responsive. And for a small non-profit like ours, the cost was very reasonable.”


“I’ve been dealing with MarkFortify for many of our trademarks, and they’ve been the best in the business. You get highly professional service at a reasonable cost. Highly recommend them to anyone that needs a trademark!”


Frequently Asked Questions

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